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Peach and White Ballet Tutu

Russian Style 12 Piece Bodice, with 13 Inch Pancake style Skirt

Simply white tutu with peach and silver beaded embroidered lace, finished with 400 swarovski crystals, colours used included crystal, crystal AB and Peach Rose.


Creating the perfect skirt
The Skirt has 9 layers of tulle and three layers on bum frills.  No hoop is used, which allows the skirt to stand parallel as there is no additional weight. 

All the pancake style skirts I create use a cotton hooping method, I find this a much nicer look, and allows the skirt to bounce and more with more ease.  This method does require maintenance but will benefit with the look of a much flatter and vertical skirt for a longer period.

Ordered By Hartz Dance Academy
Dordon, Tamworth