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Childs Russian style 12 piece bodice with 12 Inch Skirt
This Russian style hides the bask part of the tutu and makes the body look longer. As you can see the bask sits inside the bodice and benefits from an elestic waist band.
The tutu has been designed to have a coloured skirt but still includes the thick white net which supports the skirt ensuring it still has a flat pancake look to it. The panty and bask have been made from four layers of coloured power net.
The coloured net used was a baby pink, which on the roll looks very bright, however when mixed with white tulle the pink looks lighter which works great with lighter materials. As the pink tulle was fine I have doubled the pink layers to help make the skirt strong. There are a total of nine layers and three layers of bum frills.
The Picture also shows the flesh insert and the elesticated cord which pulls tight around the top of the dancers torso.