Red and White 6 Piece Childs Tutu
Childs 6 piece tutu, fleshed coloured straps decorated with white embroided lace and finished with a handfull of crystal AB swarovski crystals.
The skirt has 9 layers of tulle and a further three layers on bum frills, a fine top layer of tulle covers the skirt and is edge with white embroided lace to match the bodice.
The whole tutu is fully lined and fastens using hook and eye's which run the length of the bodice. Cord around the top to make bodice fit snug, fastens at the back of the tutu and tooks in at the top.
This tutu is currently being sold on as it no longer fits the dancer above.  It fits approx. 9 to 10 years.  Interested parties should contact me at

Just What you Need
 Most tutus are to fulfill orders made, but such as this Red tutu when I do get any spare time I'll make a tutu to a standed size and sell through eBay.
 I'm always being asked for alternative sizes, so if there is a particular size you would like to see advertised through ebay, please email me and let me know.