I made this costume for Dani in 2010 for the Blackpool scolarships.  The material was a two way stretch cotton lycra covered in a manufacturered gold sequin design.  The costume is designed as a fitted dress but benefits from a built in white leotard.  The back of this costume was designed by Dani herself, a idea she had from a ballroom latin costume.  The design was made up from the two straps joining together down the centre of the back with horizontal pieces running off.  The whole thing was then covered in stones.






Designed for Dani for her most recent song and dance.  This material was purchased from New York and shipped in specially for this costume.  The skirt is a double layer, double circle skirt, cut in several pieces allowing me to create the points around the top line of the skirt, which has then been covered in crystals.  The leotard has been made with a built in bra to create shape and support, and a further white lycra inside layer covering the bra it's self.  The outer bra design has been pleated and made from the same material as the skirt, flesh straps decorate the back and front, again covered in rinestones.
Picture was taken May 2011 at Tamworth Competitions

How Much Is That Doggy?
A Pink dotted baby doll dress with a white under dress and matching white pinny which crosses at the back and ties into a bow.  The Pinny has frilled arms and decorative sewn pattern on the front bodice
The costume is then finished with a curly wig, pink hair bow, frilly white socks and pink ballet shoes....not forgetting the dog!

The Artful Dodger 
A simple but yet very effective costume, which brings the character to life.  To bring some glammor to what is normally a shabby outfit, the jacket collar has been covered in black sequins, the cravat has been made from a wishy woshy coloured material which has small sequins embroided on this looks great under the lights on stage. 

Doll On A Music Box
From the Famous Chitty Chitty Bang Bang movie, The doll on a music box costume.
This costume is an dress made with a seperate pinny.  The dress has a small hoop at the bottom of the skirt section which holds the dress out nicely.  The skirt has been constructed from a small dot design fabric sewn onto a one piece top.  The green bright fabric has been sewn directly onto the white material and ribbon has been used to create the cross design at the front. 
The puff arms have had strips of coloured material sewn across the arm which fine elestic has been sewn underneath.  To create the puffs the electic has then been pulled and tighted into place.  
To finish decorative lace has been added around the arms, bottom of the skirt and round the edge of the pinny.  I have also added a small embroided design to the pinny 
 Made for a lyrical style song and dance, this is a great costume to move in, as there is a seperate leotard attached to the bodice.  The bodice has been taken from a tutu style design which has hooks and eye's running down the back. as the leotard is sewn to the bodice inside it allows the dancer to lift up her arms without the bodice getting stuck making it very comfortable to dance in.  The skirt is a double layered circle skirt set at two alternative lengths and finished with an overlock stitch.
The dress has indian embroidered lace to decorate the top and a blue sash around the waist. there is a bow at the back with two long tails.  the sash has been sewn into place so that it does not move.  The costume has gold and light sapphire swarovski stones to add a bit of bling.

Whistle  Down the Wind 
 1950's Dress