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White and Blue

6 Piece Bodice
Beautiful Blue and white tutu, decorated in a light blue indian flowered lace and finished with dark blue beads and 200 sapphire blue/light blue rhinestones
The bodice is a six piece childs tutu showing the bask which has been measured and made specific for this dancer.
Nine layers of thick hand pleated tulle and a further two layers of bum frills helps make the skirt sit flat. Each layer has been hand cut to create the point effect.
Rhinestones and Decoration
Each rhinestone colour has been alternatively placed round the front edge of the bodice running down the flesh V-line section, which helps enhance the shape of the tutu. They are then place around and inbetween the indian lace, both on the bodice and the skirt.
The indian lace is hand cut from a length of material and placed onto the skirt and bodice in small sections to built the pattern. Each small piece is then hand sewn on with invisable thread before adding the rhinestones.
This tutu has be ordered ready for competitions in September 2011 at Tamworth, Staffordshire.