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Gold and Red leafed Adults Tap Costume

 Frankie's Tap Costume
Gold and Red leafed Adults Tap Costume
Stunning red and gold leaf design on a classic adults tap all in one outfit. The red and gold leaves are cut from a net embroidered fabric and hand sewn on indiviually to create the over lap effect.
The top half of the costume is made from a two way stretch fine net which looks almost see through when worn. The centre front dips into a low open 'V' with flesh coloured elestic running across which was later covered in crystals. The 'V' line is supported with a thick black elestic stopping the costume being pulled out of shape.
The back of the costume features a large key hole exposing most of the back. A hook an eye holds the costume in place. The trousers are made from a black stretch velet with is sewn onto the top of the costume creating the all in one, then finished with the leaves running down the right leg and left arm. More crystal were then added to this costume to give it a real sparkle.