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Red Sparkly Tap Costume

 Red All In One Tap Costume
A beautiful sparkly red tap out fit which just dazzles on stage. The costume has been made from a very reasonably priced stretch sparkly material and boarded round the waist and wrist with silver beaded and sequin trim. For that extra bit of sparkle swaroski crystals have been added to the 'V' neck line, flesh shoulder strap and top and bottom edges of the cut out middle.
This material was an amazing £3.99 a meter. It allows the costume to have a glamourous finish without the huge cost. I have on my travels also seen this material in a black and plum which also look stunning.
Cost Break down of this costume
 Material - (2.5 meters at £3.99 per meter) £9.97
  • Beaded and sequin trim - (1.5 meters at £6.99 per meter) £10.48
  • Swaroski clear crystals - (400 at £8.00 per 100) £32.00
  • Charge for making - (includes cotton and elastic) £45.00
Total Outfit Price £97.45
 The above price includes the making and finishing of the costume from start to finish, not forgetting all those little extras such as glue, cottons, dress label.
Don't forget there are always cheaper alternative finishings that can be added. Instead of using swaroski crystals you can buy off ebay crystal gems which are much cheaper, they do not sparkle as much but still look very good on a costume. I have used these before, pictured on the purple and pink modern costume
and they still look as effective. You could always try adding the trim and finishings your self.
Cost of costume to make excluding trim and crystals £54.97