Welcome to Lulu's Tutus  
Beautifully hand made Ballet tutus, to order            
You can select and design your own classical unique tutu
Once you have selected the style and design, all your measurements are taken to create a
perfectly fitting Tutu. Each tutu is carefully
constructed from your chosen bodice style, basque and pantie, The skirts have 9 to 11 layers of tulle,
depending on the dancers height and is then finished with a further 2-3 layers of bum frills. Each Tutu is fully lined and neatly finished. Adult's
and larger children's Tutu's benefit from the pull cord around the top of the bodice for a
comfortable fit and skin coloured straps

All additional finishing such as Indian embroidered lace are hand sewn with invisible thread to the skirt and bodice. Rhinestones can also be added, these
are glued into place using fabric glue and are available in a wide range of colours and sizes

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Tutu Style Skirts
There are a couple of different tutu styles, romantic and pancake.  The pancake style tutu has a flat look, which is pictured on the left, the romantic is a dropped or long length skirt


I have several different bodices available, In the children's sizes, 4, 6 and 12 piece bodice. Adults are available in 8, 10 and 12 piece bodice.  Both 12 piece bodices are a Russian design which covers the bask section of the tutu making the fitted bodice appear as one piece.

Pictured Left
Adults 10 Piece Bodice, with flesh coloured straps and pancake style skirt