How To Take Care Of Your Tutu

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Getting the most out of your tutu

As you can see, tutu skirts and dresses need special care; delicate fabrics and embellishments demand certain storage and washing. It’s recommended to pick up the tutu by the crotch when handling, and transport in specially designed tutu bags, which protects the multiple layers of tulle.


As to the storage, they should be stored upside down, ensuring the bodice is smoothed out to avoid creasing, also hanging your tutu on its side by threading elastic through the gusset is another option, however you would need to ensure you rotate the costume regularly.   Tutus need a lot of space, so make sure they are not in contact with any other clothing items as any pressure or weight can squash the tulle and break the fine hoops that secure your skirt in place, most people store their tutu’s under the bed. Tutu’s should be kept in room temperature, exposure to extreme heat/cold conditions and cause the tulle to soften allowing the skirt to drop.  Over time or through use you may find all/parts of the skirt will drop and re-hooping may be required to re-lift the skirt, this is a simple and very effective way of keeping your tutu looking nice.


Machine washing and drying can ruin your tutu and it is strongly not recommended, so it’s better only to Spot clean if absolutely necessary.  Make sure you take good care of your tutu as it’s the only way to keep it looking good for a long time.