About Us

I have been making costumers for the past six years, anything from tap and modern costumes to soft musical comedy and ballet tutus.  I began with making costumes for my own daughter when she was 6 as the hand me downs looked like they had seen better days.  From when I first started, I was always being asked if I made classic Tutus, In 2010 invested in some classic ballet tutus patterns from the United States.  Since then I have made several Tutus's to order and many more for which I have sold through Ebay. 

As a parent I make all the costumes in my spare time, Over the first 12 months of completing customer orders, have had the pleasure to see girls wearing my costumes at the likes of Blackpool annual scholarships, and Miss Dance.  I love to have customers ideas incorporated into my designs and welcome a new challenge.

The style of dance costumes which I have had the pleasure to make are as follows:

Each tutu I've created is professionally finished and is unique to each customer, designed as specified by the customer requirements.  My greatest pleasure is seeing the tutus I've made being worn at dance festivals across the country.

Annual Closure Dates:

  • Summer Holiday 20th July to 31st August
  • Christmas Holiday 20th December to 3rd January



Please note I am NOT incorporated with any other Dress makers or Tutu making web sites

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